Coronavirus in Catania: new sensors installed at San Marco hospital

Mediwarn/Unict project: 12 new generation sensors already installed at San Marco hospital in Catania, 10 of them in the Infectious Diseases Operations Unit.

There are also the sensors of the research project “MEDIWARN – Virtual Bionsensor for Medical Warning Precursors” supporting in the management of Covid-19 emergency in the Hospital “San Marco” in Catania identified by the Regional Health Department as “COVID Presidium“.

“Well, 10 out of 12 sensors brought thanks to the project Mediwarn are used in the Infectious Diseases Operations Unit of “San Marco” Hospital in Catania where patients infected and symptomatic for viral disease Covid are isolated in rooms with negative pressure and therefore with limited access to the nursing staff – dott. Salvatore Nicosia, COU Director of Anesthesia and Resuscitation II of the Hospital-University Company “Policlinico” said -. The processing with the NEWS system by the sensor of the severity index of the parameters allows the Medical Emergency Team already actived at S. Marco by Anesthesia and Resuscitation Service to intercept health deterioration at an early stage and to take action according to an  objective pre-evaluation”.

“The sensors developed in the project MEDIWARN are a useful tool of support to all the health care workers committed 24 hours out of 24 in the management of the emergencies in order to find, with a certain margin in advance, the clinical evolution of each monitored patientProf. Rosario Sinatra from University of Catania said, who cooperates with dott. Salvatore Nicosia of the Hospital-University Company “Policlinico” and with Godfrey Laferla, director of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Malta.

“The other two sensors are used in other operating units where patients are recovered, even if with no Covid, but with clinical criticities needing a costant detection of vital parameters – dott. Nicosia added-. The acquisition of this technological resource is already proving a great practical usefulness. All parameters registered by the sensors for each single patient will be under study for the purposes of Mediwarn research”.

The European project, financed by the Program of cross-border cooperation INTERREG V-A Italy Malta 2014-2020, has University of Catania as frontrunner in the partnership between Mater Dei Hospital – University of Malta and the Hospital-University Company “Policlinico” of Catania and offers a technologically advanced system able to provide high care standards to those patients recovered in the hospital wards.

“Thanks to the virtual bionsensor” prof. Rosario Sinatra of Univeristy of Catania said “it is possibile to monitor constantly life parameters (heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, and temperature) and to predict any changes in patients’ health”.

According to the project, 23 monitoring units of the latest generation have been brought: 12 monitors for the Hospital “San Marco” in Catania, 10 for the Hospital Mater Dei in Malta and a monitor for the University of Catania in order to make laboratory tests.

“Today more than ever, after the fast spread of Covid-19, which has put Italy in second place as the number of infections, and with a health care system almost collapsing, to have cutting edge tools to monitor patients’ clinical conditions is, without any doubt, an added value for our sanitary facilities” prof. Sinatra added.