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Brief description of the work package and of its objectives including an explanation of how the partners will be involved (who will do that)

University Hospital Policlinico V. Emanuele will research patients’ with Covid-19 physiological parameters. The main physiological indicators monitored will be those already identified in the first part of the project with the integration of any other parameter useful to provide more details on the patients’ state of health. When this first phase will end, University Hospital Policlino V. Emanuele, in collaboration with the project partners UNICT and UoM, will analize the collected data in order to find out the parameters  determining  degeneration in patients’ clinical state. These activities will improve the fuzzy logics implemented in the previuos project WPs and will help medical and nursing staff to provide a better assistance to patients with Covid-19, as well as to identify the worsening of patients’ clinical state at an early stage.

Please describe the project main outputs that will be delivered based on the activities carried out in this work package. For each project main output a programme output indicator should be chosen. Please note that outputs need to have the same measurement unit.

The output of this Work Package will be a summary document describing the physiological parameters analyzed in the previous stage while monitoring patients with Covid-19. It also identifies main medical alert precursors. The algorithm developed in fuzzy logic will use this output and will give more accurated results thanks to the integrations coming from patients with coronavirus.

Answers to Your Questions

Who will use the main outputs delivered in this work package?

The output developed in this work package will provide an overview to the medical staff on the evolution of those physiological parameters monitored in patients with Covid-19, in order to find out a care strategy to stop the degeneration of the clinical disease promptly. In addition to that, the output will be helpful also to the nursing staff that will be able to give a better assistance to patients. Even patients themselves will benefit of it, because they will receive more appropriate treatments.

How will the project main outputs related to the work package be further used once the project has ended?

The project main output will be shared among the nursing and medical staff in order to provide any appropriate treatment to patients with Covid-19. In addition to that, the vitals database, created during tha monitoring phase, will be studied by the medical staff to find out effective and ready care.

How will you involve target groups (and other stakeholders) in the development of the project main outputs?

Sanitary facilities and scientific communities will be involved in order to help the project partners to identify the time evolution of physiological indicators. This will help the identification of medical alert precursors that characterize the clinical course in the patients 

How will the project ensure that the project outputs are relevant and replicable by other organisations/regions/countries outside of the current partnership?

The document reporting the study case analyzed during the phase monitoring patients with Covid-19 will be a precious help to the scientific community. Thanks to it, they will be able to analyze patients’ clinical evolution, and to focus on those life parameters that have a greater impact on the course of the infection and on any treatment used for a complete resolution of the disease.

In addition to that, the dissemination of the results will have a wide scope thanks to the sharing of the project documentation on MEDIWARN website.